Honsar, born in Frankfurt/Main entered the Graffiti-Scene via the painting of „characters“ in 1991. Inspired by other Graffiti artists he got engaged with stylewriting and experimented with the different style concepts using his synonym “Honsar”. This resulted in his own style in which the letters are a mixture of graphical and organic structures often enhanced with figurative details. As such he formed a combination in which the letters are still the base of the wall painting but which also allows the beholder to see something totally different. On canvass he also uses his characteristic elements but here often without a reference to letters. Instead the overwhelming thematic frameworks of his canvass works are the interdependencies between the individual and his or hers social and systemic environments. Honsar lives and works as a freelance artist in Frankfurt/Main.








Portrait, Urbanart, Streetart, Graffiti, Art, Honsar, Spraypaint, Acrylics, Face, Porträt, Selbstbildnis